GRBL Controller

GRBL Postprocessor for Solidworks Cam

GRBL Postprocessor for Solidworks

Working GRBL post-processor for Solidworks Cam is mess. There are some generic postprocessors for Solidworks but none seemed to support exactly the post processing options and syntax I wanted to see.  Though we have options of few GRBL post processors in GITHUB.  But there are some flaws and we have to tweak our codes before fetching them in machine. As such I embarked on writing my own post for Solidworks.

I downloaded “Universal Post Generator” from Camworks who provides the CAM functionality for Solidworks.  This can be found here:

I used this tool to edit a Postprocessor from scratch and compile it into something Solidworks understand.  Note, this was not very straight forward and resulted in several iterations of trial and error until I got it close enough.

Be cautious before chipping and crashing machine, We can check our generated GRBL code for any errors online by copy-pasting code to

This gives us nice idea of our code how well it perform on our GRBL controller. If all well, “lets fly chips”.

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