You are currently viewing Interested in hosting  on Google Cloud Platform free in 2020

Interested in hosting on Google Cloud Platform free in 2020

Interested in hosting WordPress on Google Cloud Platform free in 2020

With the power of WordPress backed by Google’s cloud-free, get super-fast web experience!

There are two ways to host WordPress on google cloud platform free for 1 year (Limited resources)

  1. If you are familiar with command-line Linux, which is obviously not a novice task. You can go with that.
  2. The easiest way is to click and deploy. (We will be focussing this)

Log on to

Create a project (Name any or resembles your domain easy to figure out from other projects)

Select the newly created Project.

Click on 3 horizontal lines (Hamburger Menu) on the top left side.

Click on Marketplace

Search WordPress

Chose the green highlighted version only.

Click Launch on Compute Engine button

We have to do some customization select machine type and select top

(micro (1 shared vCPU) 0.6 GB memory, f1-micro.

This setting is the bare minimum for reserving our free quota allotted, also without compromising speed and reliability.

Administrator e-mail address (You can use your Gmail)

Boot Disk (Don’t change keep it default)

Come below and enable these services for security

Allow HTTP traffic from the Internet

Allow HTTPS traffic from the Internet

Now click Deploy

This is what you get on successful
You will receive an IP address for the website and WP-Admin with a password. Do note these passwords for Admin login.

Copy your IP address and put in domain provider (Manage DNS of the domain)

Without this, you have to visit your site with the IP address. No one will prefer this method.

Reserve an Existing IP Address as static

Click on hamburger

Select NETWORKING- VPC network- External IP addresses

Select static under Type.

Experience your blazingly fast WordPress setup. If you have earlier hosted on regular shared Hosting you will clearly have the difference in speed and performance.

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