[SOLVED] Google Cloud-ready printer goes offline 2020!

[SOLVED] Google Cloud-ready printer goes offline 2020!

[SOLVED] Google Cloud-ready printer goes offline2020!

Of course, you have tried your best to bring back offline google cloud printer to online. If you are still struggling!

Here’s a fix that should solve your problem.

You’ve got the local printer set up and running smoothly. You’re able to print from your desktop, your Chromebook, and even your Android devices. And then all of sudden you can no longer print from those Chrome OS or Android devices. The printer is working just fine from the desktop, but print command not working from Chrome and Android devices.

You thought of!

Delete and Re-add your classic printer and re-link it to your Google account. This one is a messy time-consuming. Eventually, waste your time.

Let’s do the trick, I too often face this problem. Please follow the checklist to finally put your cloud printer online.

  1. Your printer is actually on.
  2.  You have logged into your Google account (From which you connected/shared the printer).

Once you’ve verified the above, if your printer is still showing up as offline on your Chrome OS or Android device, all you have to do is:

Open browser on your system and type– chrome://devices

Pointing to this link If the printer doesn’t automatically switch from offline to online, click the Manage button associated with your printer.

Your printer should be switched back online.

Its Google hack, simply visiting the Devices page printer wakes up.

Cheers……. Enjoy wireless printing.

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