fix featured images appearing twice in WordPress posts

Sure shot way to fix featured images appearing twice in WordPress posts

WordPress is an amazing platform to achieve our goals. It will be fun if you are a professional with WordPress. But if you are a beginner, there are many things you should know about it. Writing a blog post takes many things into consideration. You should take care of the length of the article, the quality of the image, the SEO and more.

Most newbies face an image problem, especially with the Featured Image by URL. You need to know how to prevent the image from appearing twice in your blog post? It is necessary to insert a featured image, but what if they appear twice? In this post, I will help you out to solve the image problem in your blog post?

What is Featured Image by URL?

Featured Image by URL allows using an external URL Images as Featured Image for your post, page & custom post types like WooCommerce Product. Includes support for Product Gallery (WooCommerce). So, using this plugin you can easily set featured image from url.


  • Set Featured image by URL for all post types including custom post types.
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery by URLs.
  • Image from URL for WooCommerce Product variation.
  • Display Resized Images as per image sizes like “thumbnail”, “medium” or any custom-size
  • Lightweight & Easy to use

Installing a Plugin is one thing, but administering it with full effectiveness is a massacre.

Now let’s get to the point.

1. Checkout for the featured image enabled with the theme. Normally all themes have inbuilt feature to enable featured image.
2. Disable in Featured Image by URL as shown below in the picture .

3. If you have installed WP rocket, Disable image lazyLoad.

4. The same goes for any other Plugin.

The problem is that we accidentally activate the featured image twice. The culprit is not WordPress, we are the culprit. Isn’t it?

With this I hope you resolve your problem.